Medical Billing & Coding Demystified Review

Medical Billing and Coding Demystified
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Perahaps 30 pages of the book have anything to do with medical billing or coding. The rest of the book presents a summary of everything from telephone etiquette to the duties of the office manager. This is really more of a sloppily written introduction to running the front end of a medical practice than it is a serious introduction to medical billing and coding. As such the book is really only of value to someone thinking of pursuing a job in medical practice management and just wants to get an idea of what it's all about. It's of little value for anyone actually trying to figure out how medical billing and coding actually works.

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Clueless? Feel Like a Dummy? Get Demystified!

This handy resource clearly explains the principles and practicesused by medical offices, hospitals, and health facilities to encodemedical services in order to receive payment from governmentagencies and insurance companies.

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